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pinderfieldsPinderfields General Hospital – Neonatal Unit
Dewsbury District Hospital – Neonatal Unit

Pinderfields Hospital provides special and intensive care for babies requiring care and support that cannot be given on postnatal wards. While Dewsbury’s unit focuses on special care. Extremely premature or sick babies may need moving to Bradford, Leeds or Hull to receive the specialised care they need.

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Pinderfields Consultants

Dr Shyamanur
Dr Gibson
Dr Omer
Dr Deakin
Dr Allagoa

Dewsbury Consultants


Dr Allagoa
Dr Souliotti
Dr Sharma
Dr Singh
Dr MacKay

Lead Nurses
Louise Smith (Pinderfields)
Debbie Hamer (Dewsbury) Map logo

Web Link:

Dewsbury Neonatal Unit Tel: 01924 512000
Pinderfields Switchboard Tel: (0844) 811 8110